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The food was absolutely delicious and beautifully presented, the drinks were flowing all night and the staff

could not have been more accommodating, gracious, and professional.

DCLA made the whole process of having a party in our office stress free.

Melissa Toledo


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The entire team at our Holiday Party was WONDERFUL. They arrived early and ready to work. The kitchen staff was efficient, friendly, and the food was delicious! You could tell everyone gets along so well and that DCLA would be a great company to work for!


The Captains were AMAZING the entire night! They kept checking in with me and the CPM team asking if there was anything we needed, they kept the food coming, and kept everyone’s stomach’s full with smiles on their faces and cleaned up like crazy! They helped SO much from bussing and cleaning up dirty napkin/drinks, offering to clear plates/drinks from guests, and they kept our trash cans empty, with trash bags out of sight, the whole night. They stayed really late to clean up and really went above and beyond their job descriptions. We couldn’t thank them enough.


The entire David Catering team worked so hard the ENTIRE night and we couldn’t be more thankful for everyone’s hard work into making our holiday party such a successful one.